Volunteer Tribute

This month we are paying tribute to Jean Davis who’s funeral was at Avebury on 22nd September.   Jean was one of the original group of volunteers when the shop opened in March 2009.   Here is her photograph of Jean from a WI trip in 2011 (you might notice Lyn Bennett Nutt in the background).   Jean was the first volunteer to be featured in the Kennet News (back in June 2010).   This is what Jean said about what volunteering means to her:

“If you are thinking of becoming a volunteer let me tell you how it changed my life.

Since my brother died and left me on my own, I was so lonely so I thought maybe I could help down the shop.  I love to go and meet different people, locals, tourists, workmen, anyone – it makes my day.

We do 3 hours shifts and there is always someone with you to help, the staff are brilliant and the other volunteers are so nice and all treat you on one level.

So, I do hope that you will join us.    Jean”