Meet The Team April 2021

Meet the Team

Chris is our Treasurer and was part of the original team who set up the shop, very much involved in the formation, fund-raising and setting of the financial parameters. After thirty-five years in business (and living in the village for the same length of time) Chris felt that the village would be very much worse off without a replacement to its predecessor and wanted to offer some of his experience to the set-up and management of the shop. His ongoing role is to oversee all financial matters and keep the shop on a sound business footing.

Regular tasks include reviewing monthly figures to ensure that the shop trades to meet its financial objectives, monitoring all the margins and the expenses, such as wages, utilities, insurance and credit card charges, all of which require contracted supply and regular review.

Random tasks come up often, this month a change to our insurance policy was needed and of course it was the annual stock take which provides the opportunity to check that things are on track. So maybe a less visible volunteer, but a necessary one nevertheless! So, when you next see a man reading the electricity meter or removing rubbish from the shop garden, it’s probably Chris!