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Meet the Team June 2021

Andrew has been working in the shop for about a year.   His wife, Annie, was working at the shop and she said that the shop needed his help.  He was very happy to help.   They live in Burbage and were introduced to the shop because Annie is a member of the Avebury and District WI.

Andrew is retired now.   Before he retired he was the Chief Executive of a Housing Association.   His main hobby is golf, and until recently he was a member of The Lord Mayor of London’s ceremonial bodyguard.

Andrew enjoys working in the shop because he likes meeting lots of nice people.

His favourite product is wine.

Meet the Team May 2021

Jane has been a volunteer for about 3 ½  years.   She first got involved in the shop when her neighbours, Brian and Helen, suggested that she might enjoy the shop and getting to know people in the village.   Jane wanted to volunteer because she genuinely wanted to give something back to our lovely community.  Jane says that working in the shop is a great opportunity to meet people.

Her favourite products are flapjacks, Burts beef crisps and Rose lemonade.

During the week, Jane is a district nurse, which has been very busy recently.   However, she still finds time to help in the shop on some Sundays.   Jane is also the booking clerk for the Social Centre.

Jane is looking forward to seeing everyone in Avebury very soon once lockdown is over.

Part Time Shop Manager Vacancy

An exciting opportunity for a part time manager in the community shop has come up. The work will be approximately 20 hours per week, but additional hours will be required to cover holidays and sickness of the other manager. Please email for a full job description to Interviews will be on Sunday 9th May in the morning. Closing date 6th May.
Please only apply using this email and initially send a CV. If selected for interview an application form will also be required.
Email CV for further details to

Meet the Team – December 2020


Andy has been volunteering in the shop for 4 months.  He recently moved her from New Romney in Kent.  He moved here because in lockdown he met up with his partner on Facebook after 35 years.  Andy wanted to work in the shop to help out the village in these difficult times.

Previously Andy was in the Metropolitan Police for 25 years and has also worked as a motor vehicle engineer running his own business.   Andy is also a musician and plays the guitar, banjo, mandolin and Celtic bouzouki.

His favourite products are Ramsbury beer and Sumbler’s products.

Andy is very pleased to have moved to Avebury, and has no intention of moving away!


Meet the Team November 2020

Andrea has recently been employed as our part time/relief manager. She enjoys working in the shop because she feels it is not like working, and she enjoys meeting locals and visitors. Andrea’s favourite products are mead and Sumbler’s streaky bacon. Andrea also works in the Henge shop. Before she worked in the community shop she worked in a care home in Marlborough. She has lived in Avebury for 2 years and started working as a volunteer in the shop when she first moved to the village so that she could meet people. She got involved with the village pantomime through contacts at the shop. Andrea enjoys lots of local activities and being involved in the celebrations that take place throughout the year. She really enjoys helping to keep the shop open in these difficult times and serving the community and visitors.

Meet the Team – August 2020


Unfortunately, I have not been able to persuade anyone to be featured this month, so have resorted to talking to myself!

Michèle has been involved with the shop since the very beginning and was on the original steering committee.   She trained all the original shop volunteers and then took over as shop chairman from Dave Scattergood shortly after the shop opened.

Michèle believes that the shop is very important to the local community and hopes that it will continue to play an important part in the life of the village for many years to come.

Michèle works as a peripatetic brass music teacher and trombone player, so is only seen helping behind the counter rarely during school holidays, but she does work behind the scenes.   Her favourite products are milk, butter and cream from Berkeley Farm Dairy and products for baking including Wessex Mill flour for bread making.

June Update

Changes to Opening Hours in June – Shop Closed 20th and 21st June.
We are sorry but we are going to close the shop on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June. We hope that this does not cause inconvenience to anyone.

We are also keeping our opening hours under review during the Pandemic and may be forced to close at short notice.

Thank you
From everyone in the community we would like to thank all our volunteers and staff for keeping the shop open during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thank you to all the new volunteers who have come forward to help the shop recently. We are still looking for new volunteers. If you would like to help, please contact the shop on 01672 539200.
Thanks to Adam Lomas for building a screen in front of our till to protect our volunteers.

Stock availability
Thank you to our managers for doing an amazing job of keeping the shop stocked with essential items. They manage to find items which the supermarkets are often short of such as flour, pasta and eggs.

Extension of Free Delivery Service
Avebury Community shop will be providing a FREE delivery service of food and other essentials to anyone in our
local villages who is in self isolation due to the Coronavirus. This is an extension of the service we already provide to the elderly and others in our community who are unable to get to the shop.
Please call 01672 539200 to arrange a delivery. We would prefer payment by card, but can accept cash on delivery if necessary.

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