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Meet The Team – Sue

Sue moved to the village in October last year.   She started working in the shop in January this year.   Sue had moved to Avebury from West Swindon and saw appeals for volunteers on the internet and in the parish newsletter and wanted the opportunity to meet people in the local area.  She then got her husband, Graham, to volunteer as well.  Sue works full time for the Nationwide and has worked there for 29 years, but she still finds time to volunteer twice a month in the shop.  In her spare time, Sue likes to sing with the Nationwide choir which raises money for charities. Her favourite products are Ramsbury gin, Sumbler’s Marlborough pasties and the freshly baked bread.   Sue likes to work in the shop because “it is a great way to meet people and all the volunteers, staff and customers are lovely.”

Meet the team – Graham

Meet the Team
Graham is one of our newest volunteers. He moved to Avebury Trusloe in October having previously lived in Swindon for 30 years. His wife, Sue, also volunteers in the shop and will feature in a future article. Graham wanted to move to a more rural community and ended up in Avebury by chance because a house came up. He is really glad that he made the move. For the last year Graham has been a full-time homemaker/builder/handyman as well as having a number of part time jobs. Before this Graham has had a varied career, including working in retail banking for 15 years.
Graham wanted to work in the shop because he was keen to contribute to a local community. Graham loves interacting with people. As well as serving in the shop, Graham also bakes the bread regularly.
His favourite products are freshly baked bread, local plum jam and Ramsbury ales and gin.

Meet the team – July 2019

Sandra has been volunteering in the shop for 8 years.   She lives in Winterbourne Monkton and has lived there for 13 years.   She is a full time carer for her mother, but finds time to come and volunteer in the shop as well.    Before this, Sandra was a bio medical scientist and then went on to run her own occupational health business.   She likes to volunteer as it is an opportunity to meet interesting people who are very friendly; it is also a good way to get out and meet locals.

Her favourite products are freshly baked bread, Wiltshire honey, pork scratching and passion fruit curd made by HFT.

Sandra values the shop and says that a lot of people would struggle without it.


Volunteer Profile

Meet the Team
Margery is one of our faithful volunteers who has helped at the shop since it first opened. Initially Margery worked on the till and in the shop. For the last few years she has done the Sunday baking, sharing the role with her sister, Susan. Margery was keen to support the shop because Avebury felt like a “ghost village” once the old shop and post office closed down. She was also eager to ensure that this vital facility was available for residents such as her mum who rely on a shop in the village.
Margery teaches English in a 6th form college in London and comes down to Avebury every other weekend and more frequently in the holidays.
Her favourite products are Vicarage Lane Cakes, HFT biscuits and gingerbread men, Robyn’s Farmhouse vegetarian pasties and Love from the Artist Cards by Chris Dunn.
Working in the shop is a good way of getting to know people in the village, and is an opportunity to meet lots of interesting visitors. The other volunteers are very friendly, helpful and interesting and Margery enjoys working with our young Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Volunteers.

Please help us to stay open for another 10 years. We are always looking for volunteers and it is a great opportunity to get out and meet new people.
If you think you would like to volunteer, even for an hour or two, just to help out, just call Lyn, Lynda or Holly at the shop on 01672 539200. We promise tea, biscuits and friendship.


Meet The Team – Lynda

Meet the Team – Lynda

Lynda Saunders is one of our shop managers.   She shares the job with Lyn Bennett-Nutt.   Lynda was brought up in Swindon and now lives in Winterbourne Monkton.   She started volunteering in the shop shortly after she moved here and then became relief manager before being appointed manager about 3 years ago.   Lynda enjoys meeting the customers and getting to know locals.   Her favourite products are Vicarage Lane Cakes and flapjacks; her husband likes the Ramsbury Beers.   Lynda spends a lot of her spare time with her 3 grandchildren (she looks far too young to be a granny!).   She also enjoys travelling, going to the theatre and all Winterbourne Monkton’s social activities such as the Wine Club and the Village club.


Meet the Team – Josh

IMG0118AJosh is one of our youngest volunteers.   He started volunteering at the shop two years ago before he went to university.   He enjoyed working in the shop so much that he has come back again this summer to help in his holidays.

Josh is studying Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire and has just finished his first year.   His ambition is to be a programmer as he loves solving problems.

Josh’s favourite product is Olive bread which he likes as it is difficult to find in other shops.

Josh enjoys volunteering because of the fantastic managers we have in the shop.   He also loves talking to the customers and especially all our visitors from far and wide.

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